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2017 Annual Membership Meeting

MAY 6, 2017

Call to Order:    Meeting was called to order at the Camano Chapel at 10:05AM
                              by Steve Hughes, President


Attendees:          Board Members:  Steve Hughes, President

                                                               Alex Keggan, Secretary

                                                               Larry Foss, Treasure

                                                               Robert Opheim, Construction

                                                               Jason Powell, Water

                                                               Kent McVay, Landscape

                                                               Peter Dannerbeck, Beach

                                Absent:                 Jeanne Boehm, Vice President


Proof of notice of this meeting was mailed to RPCC Membership on April 3, 2017, containing the following: Meeting Notice, Agenda for meeting, Proposed Budget and Balance Sheet.


Secretary Report: 

Minutes from the 2016 Annual Meeting were read. A motion was made to accept the minutes as read, motion was seconded and approved.


Treasurers Report: 

Copies of the RPCC Income Statement, Cash Flow and Budget for 2015 thru 2017 and the Balance Sheet December 31, 2016 and the 2018 and 2019 proposed budget were mailed to all community members. Larry reviewed the financial statements and the 2018 budget. A motion was made to approve the RPCC 2018 budget, it was seconded and approved. Larry also noted that in the 2019 projected budget, expenses are greater than income. Currently $492 of the $600 annual dues is allocated for principle and interest payments on the new water system. The issue was raised that a dues increase may be needed in the future to cover expenses. Steve reviewed the repair savings since the new water system was installed, $19,289 in 2015 compared to $1,809 in 2016. Jason Powell conducted an audit of the RPCC financial accounts. There were no significant discrepancies found. A motion was made to approve the RPCC 2016 audit, it was seconded and approved



Status of construction projects: 921 Rocky Point, garage complete; 674 Gladstone, retaining wall complete; 662 Gladstone, porch remodel complete



The permit for the seawall replacement was issued Sept 23, 2016. Surf smelt and sandlance lay eggs on our beach, thus severely impacting the window for construction. An inspection by WDFW is needed and the project must start within 3 days after the inspection. A portion of a Navy floating dock landed on the RPCC beach. Johnny Johnson from the Navy attempted to pull it off the beach, the attempt was unsuccessful, his comment ‘gonna need a bigger boat’. The plan now is to bring a trailer to load it on, a permit is needed for this to be done. Another section of dock is on the beach beyond Camp Grande.



Steve will give details of the effort to bring all properties into compliance with the CCR’s under old business.



All quiet, no water problems. The RPCC water system has the capacity for 189 permits, there are currently 35 available. Larrie is resigning her position as water chairperson but will remain active in community affairs. .


Election of Directors:  Larrie Adamson nominated Jason Powel for water chairperson. A motion was made to elect Jason as water chairperson. The motion was seconded and approved. A motion was made to reelect the president, treasurer, secretary and beach chairperson for one more two year term. The motion was seconded and approved.


Old Business: 

In August 2016, CCR non-compliance letters were sent to approximately 50 RPCC members. Some violations were minor, some major, with the majority being overheight trees and hedges. As of Dec. 1, only six properties were still in violation. On Dec. 13, final notices were sent out to those six members. There are three properties still in violation and no response has been received from the members. On January 27, 2017, fines of $10 per day per property began to accrue. The board tried to get help from the county in enforcing the CCR’s but were told nothing could be done. A question was asked about how the CCR’s are enforced. The fines will continue to accrue, with interest, and at the end of the year liens will be filed on the properties.

Steve explained the situation with Bayshore Terrace: there are three items: 1) improperly installed sewer line next to RPCC water lines, 2) illegal sewer lines on Blackberry Lane and 3) undocumented sewer lines on Sandstone and Rocky Point Drive. The Sandstone line is located on the upper side of the street from RPCC well #1. The meeting with the Bayshore attorney did not go well. Washington state DOH and Island County have been informed and there have been numerous communication. The meeting between the Rocky Point Community Sewer Association, the owner of the Bayshore offsite system, and DOH was rescheduled to May 26. Steve will meet with DOH after that meeting. At the least, the line along Sandstone should be dug up and properly sleeved to protect our water. Before any hookups are allowed, the line should inspected by an engineer and approved by the county. A property between Rocky Point Drive and Gladstone is currently for sale that is advertised as having a connection to this line.

On Blackberry Lane, a sewer line was installed that was never permitted or approved. Also, the marker on the sewer line indicates it is a water line. This line caused a change order when the RPCC water lines were replaced. There were three change orders on the water project totaling $11,224. It is up to RPCC to resolve this issue. A discussion was held about how to handle this issue, should RPCC sue to recoup the money. The consensus was to wait until after the DOH meeting.


New Business: 

Island County will be resurfacing all roads, except Brokaw, in the Rocky Point neighborhood in July. Sunset will be widened 2 ½ ft on each side.


Post Meeting: 

The Post Meeting was called to order at 11:20AM by Steve Hughes, President. The Board voted to accept Jason Powell as the new Water Chairman, serving another 2 year term are: Steve Hughes, President; Larry Foss, Treasurer; Alex Keggan, Secretary. The Post Meeting was adjourned at 11:22AM.


The RPCC annual meeting was adjourned at 11:19.


Respectfully Submitted,


Alex Keggan, Secretary

Rocky Point Community Club