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2015 Annual Membership Meeting

MAY 2, 2015

Call to Order:    Meeting was called to order at 10:05am by President Steve Hughes

                                at the Camano Chapel, Quorum Present


Attendees:          Board Members:  Steve Hughes, President

                                                            Jeanne Boehm, Vice President

                                                            Jeanne Hay, Secretary-Outgoing

                                                            Larry Foss, Treasure

                                                            Dennis Anderson, Construction

                                                            Larrie Adamson, Water

                                                            Kent McVay, Landscape

                                                            Peter Dannerbeck, Beach


Proof of notice of this meeting was mailed to RPCC Membership on March 28, 2015, containing the following: Meeting Notice, Agenda for meeting, Proposed Budget and Balance Sheet, March 11, 2015 letter from Dept. of Health, January 27, 2015 memo from the Camano Fire Dept. and the Draft minutes from the May 3, 2014 Annual Meeting.


Secretary Report:  A DRAFT of the RPCC Annual Minutes, May 3, 2014 was sent out to the membership, therefore those minutes were not read. A motion was made to approve those minutes, motion was seconded and approved.


Introduction for Candidates for the Board of Directors:  Alex Keggan was introduced for the opening Secretary position.


Treasurers Report:  Copies of the RPCC Income Statement, Cash Flow and Budget for 2012 thru 2018 and the Balance Sheet December 31, 2014 and the 2016 proposed budget were provided to all attendees, and included in this packet. All Homeowners Dues are collectable and current to date. Larry explained changes made to the 2015 Budget. The 2016 Budget will be the same as the 2015 Budget except for the increase of utilities at the wells. A motion was made to approve the RPCC 2016 budget, it was seconded and approved.


Steve presented a chart to give a recap of the expenses of the Water Project, explaining the loan was 100% funded and the project was approved by the Washington State Dept of Health. The Washington State Loan amount is $1,440,830.00. The Carmen Construction was $1,162,260.00 which amounted to 81% of the total cost. Change Order costs amounted to $169,413.00 which was 12% of the budget. Outside costs were $45,000.00. There is a balance in the Construction Fund of $63,617.00 which stays in the Construction Fund as part of the money that will be added to in order to make annual payments. Pre-loan work and expenses for the Water Project to secure the loan included, Bidding Expenses to select and hire a contractor, engineering expenses, Permits, several studies required in order to get permits for the project amounting to $183,248.00. This was all paid for upfront. Out of pocket costs for the Water Project are $190,730.00.


Beach Committee:  Peter expressed thanks to Fred Trolio for building and donating the new gate at the RPCC Community Beach. Also, pot holes in the road to the beach have been repaired. Two years ago cement work was done on the sea wall and the next phase would be to replace pylons due to sea water intrusion, and a small land slide. If erosion continues there is a potential that the road to the beach would also slide. Peter has contacted Jesse Allen to review the initial bid.


Construction Committee:  Dennis reported 2 houses have been completed in the past year. New construction is underway at 823 Rocky Point Drive and on the corner of Brokow and Sandstone. There is also a potential remodel on Flintstone.


Landscape Committee:  Kent reported there are two landscaping complaints at this time. He gave an overview of the process of the complaints and how the BOD responds. Kent and Steve assured the membership that more focus would be put on landscape issues now that the water project is completed.


Water Committee:  Larrie introduced Leslie O’Bannon, who will be working with Larrie and take over her position on the BOD as Water Chairman next year. Larrie informed the membership that the fire hydrants are located every 700 feet and are set at Commercial Level, and that the fire department will check the hydrants yearly for proper operation. Larrie thanked Bill Schwalm for his expertise in helping her oversee the water project.


Election of Directors:  A motion was made to reelect the in place Board members except the Secretary. The motion was seconded and approved.


Old Business:  There was no Old Business


New Business:  Steve informed the membership of the paving of Blackberry Lane due to deterioration and damage to the road as a result of the water project. The charges were exactly the bid for paving the road, $9,000.00. Steve also said the BOD will be looking into who owns different easements in the community.


The RPCC annual meeting was adjourned at 11:25am


Respectfully Submitted,


Jeanne Hay, Secretary

Rocky Point Community Club