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2022 Annual Membership Meeting

MAY 7, 2022

Call to Order:    Meeting was called to order at the Camano Chapel,May 7, 2022 at                                10:01AM by Steve Hughes, President


Attendees:          Board Members: Steve Hughes, President

                                                                 Alex Keggan, Secretary

                                                                 Larry Foss, Treasurer

                                                                 Lee Taylor, Landscape

                                                                 Bob Opheim, Construction

                                                                 Peter Dannerbeck, Beach

                                Absent:                  Don Lamb, Water    Open Position, Vice President


Proof of notice of this meeting was mailed to RPCC Membership on March 29, 2022, containing the following: Meeting Notice, Agenda for the meeting,and Proposed Budget and Balance Sheet.


The Board of Directors was introduced.


Secretary Report: 

Minutes from the 2019 Annual Meeting were read. A motion was made to accept the minutes as read, motion was seconded and approved.


Call for Board Members: 

Board positions up for this year: Vice President, Landscape, Water and Construction. Landscape and Construction chairs offered to continue for another term. Eddie Black offered to fill the position of Vice President. Steve Hughes offered to move into the position of Water chair. Larry Foss offered to move into the position of President. And Don Lamb offered to move into the position of Treasurer.



Copies of the RPCC Income Statement, Cash Flow and Budget for 2019 thru 2023, and the Balance Sheet as of December 31, 2021, were mailed to all community members. Larry reviewed the financial statements and the proposed 2023 budget.


A motion was made to approve the 2023 budget, seconded, and approved.


Jeff and Judy Coddington conducted an audit of the RPCC financial accounts. There were no significant discrepancies found. A copy of the audit is attached.



Proposed construction on Blackberry Lane is in the permitting phase. No other construction is pending.


A motion was made to approve the construction report, seconded and approved.



Three times in the past seven years the beach parking lot has been damaged in storms. In the past, gravel was replaced by members. This time the parking lot will be repaired by professionals in the hope that it will survive storms. There is also some damage to the pilings along the beach, they will be inspected, and repairs performed as needed.


A question was raised regarding people sleeping on the beach. There is nothing in the bylaws that prevents members from spending the night on the beach, but it is discouraged. A ‘no camping’ sign will be posted.


The current gate needs to be relocated as one end is encroaching on the adjoining property.


The Chet and Helen McHugh memorial bench has arrived and will be installed on the hill next to the road.


A motion was made to approve the beach report, seconded and approved.



Lee reminded the members that any complaints must be in writing. There are currently four complaints outstanding. Lee suggested members speak to their neighbors about any problems before submitting a complaint.


Update on the O’Bannon situation, prior to COVID the court ordered them to comply with the CCR’s. The homeowners did not comply. Cleanup contracted by RPCC was suspended when Island County Health got involved citing the property was a health hazard. They were found in contempt of court, but enforcement is on hold due to COVID closure of civil courts.


A motion was made to approve the landscape report, seconded, and approved.



Steve gave an overview of the water system. It is a community owned system consisting of two wells in two different aquifers. The community incurred a $1.4 million loan from the state for the new water system which is ranked second in the entire state for quality.


A motion was made to approve the water report, seconded and approved.


Election of Directors: 

The slate of officers proposed:

President – Larry Foss

Vice President – Eddie Black

Treasurer – Don Lamb

Secretary – Alex Keggan

Water – Steve Hughes

Landscape – Lee Taylor

Construction – Bob Opheim


A motion was made to approve the slate of officers as presented, seconded, and approved.


Old Business: 

The Larrie Adamson Memorial 4th of July picnic is scheduled to be held in the parking lot at the beach.


New Business: 



The meeting was adjourned at 11:20AM.


Respectfully Submitted,

Alex Keggan, Secretary

Rocky Point Community Club