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May 6, 2011

Routine Work for Rocky Point Community Club

Once a week we drive through the system checking for leaks and anything unusual. In addition, we:

  1. Read the master meter and record the usage. We calculate the average daily usage, which can be indicative of a leak if there is an abnormal jump in usage.
  2. Take a monthly water sample and have it tested for coliform bacteria.
  3. Read the house meters every quarter.
  4. Flush the blow offs to clean out the water lines, as needed.
  5. Respond to all complaints concerning water problems in the community.
  6. Take all required testing for the state or county health department. Act as the primary interface with the respective departments.
  7. Maintain all paperwork required by the state or county.
  8. Check well pumping rates.
  9. Order materials and repair leaks and equipment as needed.
  10. Write the consumer confidence report.
  11. Schedule and perform the reservoir cleaning, when requested.

All scheduled was performed; in addition, the following activities may be of interest:

November 2009
Worked on pump house upgrade.

February 2010
Sanitary survey with Department of Health.
Finish up upgrade work on pump house.

March 2010
Replaced meter boxes and meters on rocky Point.

August 2010
Replace meter on Sandstone.

September 2010
Troubleshoot air compressor - found open sensor wire in hub. Repair water main break on Gladstone.

October 2010
Full system flush.

January 2011
Full system flush.

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