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2019 Annual Membership Meeting

MAY 4, 2019

Call to Order:    Meeting was called to order at the Camano Chapel,May 4, 2019 at                                10:02AM by Steve Hughes, President


Attendees:          Board Members: Steve Hughes, President

                                                                 Jeanne Odman-Boehm, Vice President

                                                                 Alex Keggan, Secretary

                                                                 Larry Foss, Treasure

                                                                 Jason Powell, Water

                                                                 Bob Opheim, Construction

                                                                 Peter Dannerbeck, Beach

                                Absent:                  Kent McVay, Landscape


Proof of notice of this meeting was mailed to RPCC Membership on April 2, 2019, containing the following: Meeting Notice, Agenda for the meeting, 2018 Annual Meeting Minutes and Proposed Budget and Balance Sheet.


Secretary Report: 

Minutes from the 2018 Annual Meeting were read. A motion was made to accept the minutes as read, motion was seconded and approved.


Call for Board Members: 

Board positions up for this year: President, Treasurer, Secretary and Beach. President, Treasurer, Secretary and Beach chair offered to continue for another term. Bob Opheim, who has been serving as temporary Construction chair, offered to fill the remaining year for this position. Kent McVay, Landscape chair, is ill and a replacement is needed. Frank Dennis was nominated to fill the Landscape chair position.



Copies of the RPCC Income Statement, Cash Flow and Budget for 2018 thru 2021, and the Balance Sheet as of December 31, 2018 were mailed to all community members. Larry reviewed the financial statements and the proposed 2020 budget. Revenue last year did not cover the water payment but will with the dues increase to $650 approved last year.


A motion was made to approve the 2020 budget, seconded and approved.


Sig Hess conducted an audit of the RPCC financial accounts. There were no significant discrepancies found.



Permits were issued for seven new houses and a new deck. The Allison and Ruelas homes are complete. The houses on Rocky Point Drive and Gladstone are near completion. The two houses on Granite Lane are under construction. The deck and shed on Blackberry and the shed on Gladstone are in progress. There are 10-12 empty lots in Rocky Point, all have water access. It is unknown if the lots have septic available or if conditions allow building.


A motion was made to approve the construction report, seconded and approved.



Peter gave an update on the beach wall replacement project. Due to fish eggs, tides and the complexity of working with WDFW, Peter and Steve conducted a more extensive examination of the pilings. Upon digging down below the surface, they discovered minimal erosion of the pilings. Dennis Anderson was hired to reinforce the pilings and top to protect them from water penetration. These repairs will extend the life of the beach wall. Pre-payments for the beach wall that were not used will be refunded to RPCC by the contractor.


Holes in the cement sea wall have been patched. The parking lot had an issue with water seeping from the hillside and pooling. A trench was dug and a drain was installed to catch the runoff. An archeological report was required prior to any work being done. Someone stole the lock on the gate. A new lock and chain was installed. If anyone needs a key, contact Peter.


A question was asked about access to the parking lot for the 4th of July picnic for members with mobility issues. The board will look into providing taxi service.


A motion was made to approve the beach report, seconded and approved.



No report.



No issues with the water system. There has been a 3.3% increase in water usage from 2017 to 2018 due to the dry summer. There were no overages in consumption for 2018. The sewer line on Sandstone was sleeved to protect Well #1. There were only 2 minor issues identified during the state inspection, these were resolved by King Water. Jason requested that members be water conscious this summer. King Water has been slow with new connections, let Jason know early if a new connection is required. A couple of water meters were replaced, no other repairs were needed.


A motion was made to approve the water report, seconded and approved.


Election of Directors: A motion was made to re-appoint the president, treasurer, secretary and beach chair for another 2-year term, and to approve Frank Dennis as Landscape Chair and Bob Opheim as Construction Chair to fill the remaining year for those positions. The motion was seconded and approved.


Old Business: 

At last years meeting, there were three properties out of compliance of the CC&R’s. Two of these have been resolved; Jaeger cleaned up his lot and paid the negotiated amount and he must remain in compliance. The Reed property remained out of compliance and the issue was turned over to the RPCC attorney. Our attorney contacted the mortgage company and the fines were paid and the property is in compliance. The O’Bannon property remains out of compliance and a Summary Judgment hearing is scheduled for May 13. They have done nothing to come into compliance. The board is looking into the Zeitz property on Granite Lane, it is abandoned and is a concern to neighbors.


New Business: 

Camano Island Preparedness is a non-profit volunteer group whose mission is to educate Camano Island residents regarding the potential risks we face living on an island with limited access. John Amell will serve as point person for RPCC and will attend the next board meeting. A motion was made for RPCC to proceed with John as lead, seconded and approved.


A request was made for a new, updated list of RPCC members.


A request was made for information on the Maple Heights off site septic system for Maple Grove residents. The proposal has not yet been approved. Old historical beachfront neighborhoods septic systems are in danger due to rising water, storm surge, etc.


Last year’s ‘Larrie Adamson Memorial 4th of July Potluck’ was a big success. It will be held again this year in the parking lot at the beach.


The meeting was adjourned at 11:23AM.


Post Meeting: 

The Post Meeting was called to order at 11:27AM by Steve Hughes, President. The Board voted to accept for another 2 year term: Steve Hughes, President; Larry Foss, Treasurer; Alex Keggan, Secretary; Peter Dannerbeck, Beach; and for 1 year: Bob Opheim, Construction; Frank Dennis, Landscape. The Post Meeting adjourned at 11:29AM.

Respectfully Submitted,

Alex Keggan, Secretary

Rocky Point Community Club