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2013 Annual Membership Meeting

MAY 4, 2013

Call to Order:    Meeting was called to order at 10:03 am by Paul Savoie, acting President.

Attendees:        Board Members, Paul Savoie, Larrie Adamson, Peter Dannerbeck, Jeanne Hay, Steve Hughes, Larry Foss and Lee Taylor.

Secretary Report:  Jeanne Hay read the minutes of the last meeting. Chet Mc Hugh moved to approve the minutes, Leslie Hughes seconded the motion, the minutes were approved.

Treasurer Report:  Copies of the RPCC Income Statement, Cash Flow and Budget for 2010 thru 2017 and the Balance Sheet December 31, 2012 were provided to all attendees. Larry thanked the membership on the prompt payment of their dues and stated that there are 10 outstanding homeowners at this time, and will be notified of water shut off due to non-payment. He also reported that all the back dues from houses in bankruptcy that have sold have been paid. The RPCC Financial Report was given, Jerry Hunt moved to approve the Financial Report, Kathy Dannerbeck seconded, and the budget was passed.

Beach Committee:  Peter reported on the landslide at the beach. The land is stable at this time and the homeowner has not come back to the board with any information on their plans to reduce potential landslides in the future. Peter informed the membership that during the storm of December 2012, approximately 2/3 of the caps on the pylon wall are missing, and also a sink hole still exists on the corner of the concrete by the bench. He explained the boards' decision on how to repair the sink hole filling it with concrete. Also, Peter will continue to gather information for the board as to the most effective way to repair the caps and the pylon wall. If the wall is not repaired, the bank and road to the beach could eventually slide.

Construction Committee:  Steve reported the plans for construction on 668 Gladstone have been approved and at this time there is no other new construction.

Landscape Committee:  Lee explained the need for change in the by-laws and covenants due to the fact they are around 40 years old, and stressed the fact that this should be addressed at next years RPCC Annual Meeting. The membership applauded Lee for the many years serving as the Landscape Chairperson.

Water Committee:  Larrie reported the status of the Water Project. As of this date, RPCC has not been awarded the loan, although it looks very promising and that a Draft List will come out in a few days showing RPCC's ranking. Larrie explained to the membership the condition of the current water system and how it is collapsing, and assured the membership that she will continue to stay on top of the project until completion. She also encouraged the membership to join her in monitoring the project once it is underway.

Old Business:  There was no old business.

New Business:  Paul informed the membership the need for a fire proof cabinet large enough to hold the RPCC documents, and asked the membership to inform the board if anyone knows of a source. Paul opened the floor to discussion, there was extensive discussion and questions from the membership on many issues, which all were answered and satisfied. Paul asked the membership for an election of new board members. Dennis Anderson and Kent McVay volunteered for positions on the board.

Adjournment:  Meeting was adjourned at 11:40 am.

Post Meeting:  Nominations were given for new board members. Steve was nominated for President, Larrie seconded.
New board members are:
      Steve Hughes, President
      Paul Savoie, Vice President
      Larry Foss, Treasure
      Jeanne Hay, Secretary
      Larrie Adamson, Water
      Kent McVay, Landscape
      Dennis Anderson, Construction

Respectfully submitted,

Jeanne Hay, Secretary

Rocky Point Community Club